Emily's Jam and Pickles

Prestige Awards 2020 winner of condiment specialist for central England.

This award winning business started in 1996 as a part time venture in mid Wales when our son was young, working at craft fairs, local shows, even selling from home one day a week, and the food side was the part of the business that was growing. On the move to South Wales several years later, the business grew further, finding more events and shops to supply, and then to Worcester several years on again where I had the honour of receiving the 5* scores on the doors. Whilst partaking in various shows, I had the accolade of celebrity chef, Jean Christophe Novelli, using my blackcurrant jam and said it was “ superb & tart “, I had permission for that I should like to say, and he also said my strawberry jam was “ excellent “.

My business has always been a one man band, doing all the purchasing, cooking, labelling, marketing and all products are home made, but what is also important to me is that it is cooked in small batches to ensure the best quality is maintained, and contains no wheat, colourings or preservatives, and with over 80 products to choose from. I enjoy experimenting with different flavours, tweaking recipes if I think they would benefit from something else. My latest invention is the Warrior chutney, a mixed fruit and vegetable chutney cooked in balsamic vinegar, as we are based in Worcester, the home of the Worcester Warriors rugby team, I wanted to create a full bodied, manly chutney, it certainly is that and has proved popular. Even the tree image on the front and top of the jars is significant, as it’s on top of a prominent hill looking over the town where it all began!

Enviromental Policy

Worcester prides itself on recycling and I myself, do the same; I recycle all glass, plastic, paper and cardboard and then compost all organic waste, which in turn then goes back onto my garden of plants and herbs.